My experiences with the city of Chicago as I make my way through school to become an art teacher. I view my experience as just one among many, and it is my goal to learn from others how they are experiencing reality.

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tape lesson in a school….more photos to come

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practicing one of my high school lesson plans with a 2 and almost 5 year old.  this is the shit that makes me so so so happy.  

for a lesson i will teach to high schoolers, we will look at the “dream Graffiti” that Shamsia Hassani paints, and create out own versions on photographs we take of the school or the neighborhood.  The top to pics are my exemplars, the bottom two are the works of Shamsia.

doing art for homework….finally….

doing art for homework….finally….

# 038 - WHO IS THE GRAFFITI ARTIST? (by kabulatworktv)

   also, read an article on her here

"i am not Trayvon Martin"….this girl knows what she is talking about!

Learning a new medium…..photos sent to me from Audrey!

photo from one of our students, Meredith!  

photo from one of our students, Meredith!  

revisiting the tape installations….

   I revisited the tape installations a few days after the students created them.  I photographed what the rain had done to a number of the works.  An important thing a number of public artists have to keep in mind is the effect that the world can have on their piece.  Once a piece is in public space, it can be destroyed or tampered with by weather, city workers, or other viewers.  

    How might these changes effect the meaning of the work?